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Clicker and The American Rescue Plan (ARP)

April 1, 2021

Since the CARES Act funding was released in March 2020, customers ask us regularly for guidance and support around the use of COVID-19 funding for adopting our products. The great news is that Clicker is not only at the heart of a successful literacy recovery strategy, but also eligible for purchase with these monies.

The latest round of support comes in the form of the American Rescue Plan (ARP), which passed into law in early March. It is the third (and largest) COVID support package, with $126bn earmarked for K-12 schools. On March 24th, the U.S. Education Department released $81 billion to states – but this sum represents only two thirds of the money allotted. Before they receive the remaining third, states must submit plans to the Education Department on how they will use the federal dollars to reopen schools and meet students' needs.

So why is Clicker being adopted as part of COVID recovery strategies in schools and districts right across the country? And how could it be part of your proposal to secure the remaining third of your American Rescue Plan (ARP) allocation?

Universal Support

For administrators looking to provide the widest ranging support available, Clicker’s application to the literacy needs of all learners is hugely attractive – at its core, Clicker provides targeted support for emergent, developing and struggling readers and writers.

Universal Access

Since the beginning of the pandemic, schools and districts have been faced with enormous challenges in getting literacy supports to students who need them most. Clicker’s universal licensing covers use on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and iPad. Combined with multiple platform compatibility, the Clicker OneSchool Site License includes home installation rights for all students – dealing directly with the licensing logistics created by hybrid and remote learning.

Together, the universal support and universal access offered by Clicker are enabling schools to provide the widest possible range of literacy support at this critical time of recovery.

For support in securing your additional ARP funding, our Education Consultants are here to help you. Contact us by email at or call us on 203 221 2697 to arrange your free consultation.

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