Pricing and licensing

OneSchool licenses

You will need a license for each computer you wish to install Clicker 7 on. You will not be able to activate this software on more than the number of computers you have licenses for, so please ensure that you select the correct license type to meet your needs.

Clicker 7 for Windows & Mac is a perpetual license – you pay just once, not every year! This version is for Windows and Mac - the Chromebook and iPad versions are available separately.

The best value is the Unlimited OneSchool license, which enables you to install Clicker on any of your school computers, plus the home computers of your students, teachers, and teaching assistants.

Student support licenses

The student support license is a new licensing model aimed at organizations that are supporting individual students across a district. It is a license that is not restricted to single buildings, enabling you to provide your students with access to Clicker 7 wherever they are.

The student support license has a single serial number for all installations, which makes it really easy to manage your licenses. There is also a user-friendly online management system to help you transfer installations. This license is expandable - you can start with as few as 5 installations, and there is no upper limit!

Cross-platform bundles

If you are buying a Clicker 7 Unlimited OneSchool license and you're also using iPads or Chromebooks, ask us to quote for a cross-platform bundle.

To find out more about these licenses, please contact our team at or call us to discuss this further at (203) 221 2697.

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Prices are in $US and exclude shipping & handling costs and sales tax (6.35% for Connecticut residents and 8.9% for Washington State residents only). For £UK prices, visit our UK site.