Reviews and success stories

Garnock Community Campus

Garnock Community Campus

Garnock Community Campus used some of their Pupil Equity Funding to purchase Clicker to help close the attainment gap.

"The real success of Clicker has been the way that it gives our young people who struggle to access the curriculum due to literacy challenges the confidence that they really can produce extended pieces of writing. It’s such a motivational tool, and it’s really helping pupils to reach their potential."

Forehill_Primary_logo larger

Forehill Primary School

Jacqui Rodger tells us how Clicker 7 is making an impact on writing ability and enthusiasm in Forehill Primary School.

"The Clicker Board tool has been particularly great. I can teach the children to plan using the mind mapping tool, then use the spell checker, before making the Clicker Board into a Word Bank for their writing; they’re supporting themselves!"

01 Manor Academy

Manor Academy

Tracey Horne reveals how Clicker 7 is transforming attitudes to writing at Manor Academy, a special school in Sale.

"The students are very proud of what they are able to accomplish with Clicker 7. Many actively disliked English before, because of the reading and writing aspect of the lessons and their inevitable struggle with it. However, they are now able to achieve something independently. Every student can now participate, even those with the biggest learning challenges..."


Colindale Primary School

Suzanne Lazarus shares how Colindale are using Clicker 7 to develop literacy skills across the school.

"I think if I was to sum up the impact Clicker 7 has on learning in our school, I’d say that Clicker makes writing a fun, exciting and accessible experience for everyone, including reluctant and struggling writers. I would really urge other schools to consider using Clicker as their word processor of choice – it’s designed for children after all!"

01 Ark Schools

Ark Schools Network

Sally Bouwman tells us why she actively promotes the use of Clicker in all 19 Ark primary schools:

"We have found Clicker to be one of the most powerful assistive technology tools to implement in the primary setting with children experiencing reading and writing difficulties. The program addresses a lot of key areas and is particularly effective when used to support reluctant writers and children with weak writing stamina."

Silverdale 1

Silverdale Primary School

Rob Smith talks about how Silverdale are using Clicker to support pupils with special educational needs.

“What I really like about Clicker is that whatever a child’s ability, features like the speech feedback, the predictor and the word banks enable them to get their ideas down on the page, and actively encourage them to proof their own work…Every child I have used Clicker with produces work of greater quantity and a higher quality now that this support is in place.”

Burrowmoor 1

Burrowmoor Primary School

Laura Walker’s school used some of their Pupil Premium funding to invest in Clicker. They are using it across the school and across the curriculum to support writing.

“Whether you have a pupil really struggling at the sentence level or a high achiever you want to push, Clicker can be tailored to provide them with the particular support they need, not only in literacy but across the curriculum, which makes it excellent value for money. Our pupils have not only become better writers, but more engaged and confident ones.”

Hollyfield primary1

Hollyfield Primary School

Becky Bisseker has primarily been using Clicker to develop the literacy skills and confidence of a group of reluctant / struggling writers in Year 4.

“The way in which Clicker engages these pupils is vital. Those that had been finding writing difficult had started to actively dislike writing, which was having a knock-on effect on their behaviour in class. With Clicker they are genuinely happy and excited to write, and as a result are both working and behaving better.”

St Hugh's 1

St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School

Lucy McGee shares her experiences of using Clicker to help struggling writers produce work more independently.

“Clicker has transformed my life as an SEN Teacher. I have been using Clicker since last September and I have found it to be amazing both for producing resources and as a learning tool for my pupils!”