Supporting emergent writers: from scribbling to the first word

When supporting emergent writers with complex learning needs, we often skip straight to tools that help them produce full words.

But when it comes to early writing, all other children learn through scribbling. They learn to write through "mark making" with the word-producing tools of their future, whether that is chalk, crayons, markers, pencils, or tapping on keyboards.

We need to support all learners through this progression - from scribbling to letter production, through inventive spelling, and to that elusive first whole word.

In this webinar, assistive and educational technology consultant Kelly Fonner will talk through the 14-level Developmental Writing Scale (DWS) - a researched-based assessment from Dr. Janet Sturm.

Joined by Crick Software’s own Toni Caggiano, Kelly will explore:

  • The stages of emergent writing through to the writing of the first word
  • The role of traditional tools and alternative pencils throughout these emergent stages
  • Specific examples and videos of Kelly’s students throughout this process
  • How Clicker tools can be applied to the emergent levels of DWS assessment (the first 5 levels of a 14-point scale)
  • A whole host of ideas to help support your emergent writers!

Registrants can join the webinar from 3:45pm GMT onward, but it will start promptly at 4:00pm GMT.

Click on the link to register: Thursday 24th February 2022 - 04:00pm GMT

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