Reviews and success stories

clicker - lorna bruce

Lorna Bruce

Lorna Bruce is an Additional Support Needs Teacher based in Glasgow. She has been using Clicker to support learning across her school; from sentence-building with the Infants, to curriculum-focused word processing with the older pupils.

"What they are able to produce with Clicker is often of a much higher level and a much more accurate reflection of their true abilities and understanding.

What's really key here is that now this intervention period has ended, we’ll be sending these children back into the classroom with a tool that can help them continue to succeed and uplevel their writing independently."

Kelvin Hall 1

Kelvin Hall School

Jon Hickman tells us how he has been using Clicker and the Clicker Apps to help EAL students and learners with special needs access the science curriculum.

"The outcomes have been very positive – all of the children have demonstrated significantly improved literacy skills, and overall attainment has improved by a least a couple of sub-levels per child. Their work is much easier to read and they are able to get their ideas down much more quickly, and achieve a lot more within the time frame of a lesson. What’s really important is that with the help of Clicker, they are encouraged to use that key subject-specific vocabulary in context and produced more detailed explanations."