On-demand webinars

Explore our on-demand webinars to find out how Clicker supports a wide range of learning needs and classroom objectives. Each session is packed with top tips and ideas from Clicker experts, including current users, education gurus and our Clicker consultants. 

Supporting struggling writers with Clicker Q&A

Qualified teacher and Clicker expert, Andrew, answers priority questions from SENCos and teachers, demonstrating how Clicker can support struggling writers in the classroom. Including:

  • Getting started and coming up with ideas 
  • Constructing sentences 
  • Coherence, punctuation and spelling 
  • Working independently 

How can schools support their growing cohort of SLCN pupils? - with White Hall Academy

Katie is joined by Helen Pearce, the SENCo at White Hall Academy, a large primary school with over 700 pupils. Over the past few years, Helen has been successfully using Clicker across the school to develop the speech and communication of pupils with SLCN.  

In this webinar, Helen shares:

  • How Clicker Books and Clicker Talk have been used to develop language and communication skills across KS1 and KS2
  • How they monitor learning with Clicker to evidence progress and measure impact
  • Her top tips for schools thinking of using Clicker to support speech and language development

Time-smart strategies for adapting the primary curriculum with Clicker

In this webinar, Katy showcases how she used Clicker’s ready-made resources in her classroom to make the primary curriculum more accessible and engaging for her learners. 

This free 30-minute webinar covers:

  • Introducing a topic or lesson using ready-made Clicker Books and how these can be quickly edited to suit your learners’ needs.
  • Using Talk Sets to develop speaking and listening skills alongside building up new vocabulary.
  • A selection of ready-to-go writing grids available through LearningGrids, with varying levels of support.

Katy’s session focuses on Science topics as an example, but you can apply the ideas shared here across the primary curriculum, with thousands of subject-specific Clicker resources available for you to choose from!

Empowering EAL Learners in the primary classroom

Katie is joined by our Curriculum Specialist Jo Gibbins to explore how the multi-sensory support that Clicker offers, along with its ready-made resources, empowers EAL learners to access lesson content alongside their peers and rapidly develop their English language skills. They discuss:

  • How Clicker supports English Language Learners – through speech feedback for modelling, picture support for visual reinforcement, and activities to develop early language skills.
  • Our bank of free subject-specific resources that make the primary curriculum more accessible for EAL learners.
  • Focused activities for new arrivals and for developing English language, including our ‘New to English’ resources to help children build essential first vocabulary and early sentence structure skills.
  • Additional resources to support the mental wellbeing and emotional expression of EAL children.

Supporting writing in Early Years

Andrew is joined by Siân Rice, an experienced EYFS teacher, to show you how Clicker can be used to support and engage younger learners. They will explore:

  • How Clicker can be used to help children understand and actively participate in each stage of the writing process.
  • The range of ready-made Clicker resources available to Early Years teachers, including talking books, matching sets, sentence sets and ‘tell the story’ activities.
  • Ways of using Clicker together as a class, in small groups, or to provide personalised support to children with additional needs.

Quick and easy ways to personalise pre-made resources in Clicker

Katie is joined by Pauline from our Curriculum Team to explore how to quickly personalise ready-made Clicker curriculum resources to support specific learning needs and lesson objectives. They will share top tips for:

  • Saving teachers time whilst delivering high-quality lesson provision
  • Adapting ready-made Clicker resources to meet individual learner needs
  • Personalising activities across a range of curriculum topics and subjects

Colourful Semantics and picture support in Clicker

Andrew is joined by Tom McDonald from access:technology to show you how Clicker can be used to quickly and easily create colourful semantics activities for your learners. They cover:

  • A step-by-step guide to building your own colourful semantics activities in Clicker
  • The built-in literacy support available to learners as they put their sentences together, including models and speech feedback
  • The power of picture support - using symbols in both the supportive word processor and Clicker’s writing grids

Maximising the impact of your TAs with Clicker

Katie is joined by SEND advisory teacher, Jules Daulby, to explore how effective TA deployment can reduce workload and stress, foster pupil independence, and ultimately boost learning outcomes across the class. They discuss:

  • What the research says about effective use of TAs
  • A 5-step Teaching Assistant model to increase student independence
  • How our child-friendly literacy tool Clicker can help!

Using Clicker to support a whole class writing journey

Phil is joined by Bridget Griffiths to explore how Clicker can be used to support pupils throughout all stages of a writing journey. Bridget draws on her experience as a leading KS2 teacher at an outstanding primary school to demonstrate how Clicker can:

  • Be utilised during each stage of the writing journey
  • Reduce teacher workload and increase learners’ independence
  • Improve pupils’ writing engagement, confidence, and outcomes

Our Clicker success story - Stour Academy Trust

Katie talks to Rachel Lawson, Deputy Head at Lansdowne Primary School, about her Clicker success story. Rachel has been instrumental in implementing the software across the Stour Academy Trust as part of their 1-1 iPad programme, and shares:

  • How Clicker boosts writing independence and learning engagement
  • Her go-to ready-made resources for saving valuable planning and differentiation time
  • How Clicker is used in classrooms to support cross-curricula learning
  • Her top tips for successful implementation of Clicker across the trust

Improving outcomes for SEND pupils - the ‘five-a-day’ principle

The Education Endowment Foundation’s report on ‘Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Schools’ highlights five well-known strategies that classroom teachers can use to improve outcomes for all pupils, including those with additional needs.

Join former teachers Katie and Phil to find out how Clicker supports the implementation of the ‘5-a-day’ approach, not only making lesson content more inclusive, but saving teachers valuable preparation and differentiation time.

Case study: Improving learner outcomes with Clicker

Katie talks to Erica Smith, the EdTech Demonstrator School Lead for Highfurlong School in Blackpool, who have been having great success with Clicker. Erica shares:

  • Highfurlong’s whole-school approach to using Clicker – “it’s a one-stop-shop for all ability levels and curriculum areas”
  • Her top tips for implementation, including getting whole-staff buy-in
  • The Clicker tools that have had the greatest impact on teaching and learning

Supporting English language learners with Clicker

Phil is joined by Louise Dawson, an enthusiastic advocate of using assistive technology for inclusive language learning with 20+ years’ experience in schools around the world. They explore:

  • Ready-made Clicker Sets to develop phonics, blending and pronunciation skills
  • Quick and easy ways to model language and sentence structure in Clicker activities
  • Resources for expanding pupils’ general and topic-specific vocabulary

The anxious learner, the reluctant writer – how Clicker can help

Many children struggle with anxiety when faced with writing activities. Do you have children who:

  • Worry about getting started?
  • Worry about organising their ideas?
  • Worry about finding the right words?
  • Worry about being the only one using ‘something different’ in class?

Carol Allen, an expert in the fields of ICT and Inclusion, talks us through the layers of support and structure offered by Clicker to help anxious learners overcome barriers, build confidence, and achieve their potential.

Clicker: Inclusive classroom support for dyslexic learners

Clicker is the most widely-used reading and writing tool in the UK for young learners with dyslexia. In this session, Phil and Katie demonstrate how Clicker helps dyslexic pupils to:

  • Organise and plan their writing
  • Overcome spelling frustration
  • Access curriculum content

Closing the gap in writing achievement with Clicker

Katie shares her top tips on using Clicker to close the writing achievement gap:

  • Utilising mind maps and storyboards to help children sequence their ideas.
  • Speeding up the writing process with intelligent prediction and word banks.
  • Freeing up the cognitive load, giving children of all abilities meaningful opportunities to be creative and realise their true writing potential.

Building phonics confidence with Clicker

Our Training Coordinator Gemma Dean shares ready-made LearningGrids resources that will help you to ensure early learners are secure in their knowledge of letters and sounds:

  • Use decodable stories to help children progress incrementally through an increasing range of graphemes and phoneme.
  • Take a look at our Talk and Matching sets, which give children lots of opportunities to practise blending and segmenting.
  • Access ‘Read it Yourself’ Clicker Books specifically designed to encourage developing readers to decode and read text for themselves.