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We’re going on a shape hunt!

10th August 2022

Have you seen the 3-D Shape Hunt Clicker resources? These colourful sets are great for helping children to identify, name and write about shapes that can be spotted within everyday objects. Read on to see how this can be a fun activity to carry out during the school holidays.

The 3-D Shape Hunt – Read a Book introduces the visual skill of identifying the 3-D shapes seen in common items. It focusses on a few familiar things found within a bedroom scene. The related Make a Book and Connect Set support children to write about the cubes, cuboids, cones, cylinders, pyramids and spheres they can see within the given pictures.

we're going on a shape hunt-1

Using the 3-D Shape Hunt Talk Set, children can practise recognising, naming and saying the 3-D shapes they can spot within the bedroom scene - there are many examples of the common 3-D shapes included.

we're going on a shape hunt-2

Learning outside is a great motivator - turn an ordinary walk into a fun shape-learning game by encouraging children to join you in a shape scavenger hunt! The 3-D Shape Hunt Clicker Board is great for supporting children to sort and record the shapes they collect or see. They can write the names of the objects or insert photos into the cells on the appropriate shape tab.

we're going on a shape hunt-3

For similar sets about a 2-D shape hunt, take a look at the What Shapes Do You See sets. For other resources to help children to identify, talk and write about 2-D and 3-D shapes, search for shapes on LearningGrids.

Have fun shape hunting!

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