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Learn about the Tudor times with Clicker

12th January 2022

For the many people who have asked us for resources about the Tudors, we now have a new Tudor category on LearningGrids. We have added some great resources that support children to learn, read and write about Tudor Towns and Tudor Leisure.

To help children to learn about aspects of life in Tudor towns, read Tudor Towns – Read a Book. It is an illustrated non-fiction text that includes information about Tudor houses, streets, shops and people. Encourage children to use the differentiated sets to communicate their knowledge of Tudor towns.


Children can find out information about Tudor sports and leisure activities by reading Tudor Pastimes – Read a Book. They learn how the rules of the sports differ from today’s rules and how the rich and poor people enjoyed different pastimes. Using a related set, children can talk or write about the pastimes or plan a comparative piece of writing using the Tudor Pastimes – Rich v Poor Clicker Board.


Have fun using our new resources and look out for more history resources coming soon on LearningGrids.

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