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Tania Johnston

Social and emotional learning with Clicker

18th November 2021

One of the many things the pandemic has done is to reinforce the importance of the social and emotional well-being of children, and the role that social and emotional learning (SEL) must play in schools alongside academic learning. We have recently published more SEL Clicker resources on LearningGrids, to help support the areas of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships and decision-making.

Getting children to slow down and be mindful about what is happening in the present moment helps with all different aspects of their social and emotional well-being. Our Mindful Walk sets include a simple story about what a child sees, hears, smells and feels on a walk. Children could then take their own walk and use the Clicker Board or Talk Set to note observations from their walk.


Let’s get learners to celebrate their successes. Children can write or record affirmations with the Positive Self-Talk Connect and Talk Sets or use the My Strengths Clicker Board or Word Bank to write about positive personality traits, social skills, achievements or talents.


The Rose, Thorn, Bud sets give learners a chance to reflect on positive moments (roses), but also to think about challenges or areas where they may need support (thorns) and new ideas they would like to explore (buds).


When there are difficult issues that they need to tackle, children can use the decision-making planners and writing frames to help resolve them – considering both the positive and negative outcomes of their possible resolutions.


Be sure to visit LearningGrids for lots of other SEL Clicker Sets.

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