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Ready-made resources for vocabulary and language intervention sessions

3rd November 2021

Teachers and support staff use many strategies to support children who have English as an additional language (EAL) or children who have a speech or language delay. Read on to find out how the resources on LearningGrids can be used during intervention sessions.

In our New to English category, we have a range of sets that help children learn specific vocabulary related to familiar settings - a school, shopping centre, house, supermarket and street. The Custom, Talk and writing sets offer illustrated activities that enable children to learn the names of everyday objects as well as practise speaking, reading and writing of the focus vocabulary.


You can use the groups of related Clicker sets to structure a set of intervention sessions for individuals or groups of children. For example, the Patch the Cat resources can be used to teach the naming of household items and rooms in the house. To introduce the vocabulary, encourage children to listen, read and repeat the patterned language and predictable sentences in the story Patch Likes This – Read a Book.


Encourage children to practise saying and recording what they can see in the pictures using Patch Likes This – Make a Book. When children are ready to move on, they can write the words in sentence order using the related Sentence Set. The set currently provides a View and Remember model which develops children’s retrieval and memory skills, while learning the patterns of word order. This level of scaffolding can be adapted in Edit View to suit the needs of the learner. As children become more independent, use the Connect Set to construct the practised sentences using the “This is” and “Patch likes” sentence starters.


This approach helps children to overlearn the focus vocabulary, phrases and sentences. From my experience, this repetitive approach builds confidence and accuracy while developing speaking, reading and writing skills. Children will be applying their newfound vocabulary and language skills in no time!

For many more groups of ready-made resources with specific repetitive vocabulary and sentence structures, browse through the Clicker Friends, Planet Wobble and More Stories sections in our Story Corner category.

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