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Tania Johnston

Exploring fables with Clicker

3rd June 2020

Fables are often a great way to explore how stories can be passed along from generation to generation, and that they often teach a moral lesson.

Our recently published family of Clicker sets brings Aesop’s Wind and the Sun fable to life with wonderful illustrations and accessible text. Children can read the story and then retell the fable by recording with the Talk Set, or using the Sentence Set, Connect Set or Word Bank, depending on the level of writing support they need. There is also a Matching Set to help children become familiar with keywords from the story.

 aesop's fables main

Once children are familiar with this fable and others, such as the Tortoise and the Hare, they can use the Fable Writing Frame to write their own.

Be sure to visit the Story Corner on LearningGrids for many other Clicker stories.

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