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Tania Johnston

Planet Wobble on LearningGrids

27th May 2020

Long-time Clicker users will be very familiar with Josh, Dan, Amber, Holly, Ella and Stan – the key characters from Planet Wobble – a series of talking books and reinforcement activities for early or struggling readers and writers. Now all Clicker users (old and new) have a chance to access free Planet Wobble resources on LearningGrids.


The Planet Wobble series has three levels, offering learners progression in small but significant steps. At each level, there are six stories and activities related to each story. Activities include Make a Book, Matching, Sentence, Connect and Talk Sets, as well as Custom Sets for early comprehension.

 Planet Wobble blog 2

Planet Wobble books and activities provide an excellent classroom resource for developing early reading and writing skills. The stories supplement existing reading schemes by reinforcing high frequency words and developing independence in reading, using familiar vocabulary and simple sentence construction.

Have fun exploring the world of Planet Wobble on LearningGrids!

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