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Writing informal letters with Clicker

1st May 2020

Writing informal letters and messages is an important task in everyday life – whatever format we choose to send them in. Making sure the message is clear and getting the tone right for the audience is vital. So, whether it’s pinging a friendly email to a cousin, writing a thank you note to Grandma or inviting a friend to a party, there are two new Clicker resources on LearningGrids which will help children construct an informal letter to a friend or relative.

If you’re just starting out and want to offer a lot of support, use the Connect Set Informal Letter Writing. This provides a clear framework (for the greeting, main body of the message and sign off) that children can use to compose a simple informal message – they can even illustrate the message using their own pictures or from the picture bank provided. This resource really will step them through the letter with lots of support. Use the Informal Letter Frame for children who are able to work more independently but will benefit from a framework to guide them. This Word Bank provides grids of vocabulary to support children in writing the greeting, opening, closing and sign off, with grids of words and phrases to help them compose the main body of the message.

Get your children involved in this meaningful engagement task and have lots of fun with letter writing again – and bring smiles to many happy recipients!

informal letter writing 

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