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Let’s celebrate VE Day!

29th April 2020

The 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day is on the 8th May 2020, and we have some new resources to help inform and inspire your children. A family of sets based on the stimulus VE Day – Read a Book, focusses on why and how people celebrated on VE Day in 1945. The supporting Word Bank, Sentence and Connect Sets, enable children with varying abilities to write on the topic, giving evidence of their factual recall and understanding of life in 1945.

Awareness and empathy are crucial skills for children to develop. The Clicker Board VE Day uses an image of a VE Day street party to encourage children to discuss what happened on VE Day, how the people felt and why, and how 1945 differed or was the same as the year they live in now. It could also be used to compare a street party in the past to now.

 VE day - Clicker Board

You may also be interested to hear about our brand-new addition to the Find Out and Write About series on LearningGrids – Life in the Second World War! Children can read and write about what life was like in Britain for children, families, men and women, and how their lives were affected by things like evacuation, the Blitz and rationing. For all these resources and more, search for VE Day or Second World War on LearningGrids.

 VE day - FOWA

Please do share how you used our resources, or how they supported your children learning about VE Day.

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