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Joanne Gibbins

Zoo time with LearningGrids

15th April 2020

Many zoos around the world have started daily live streams and tours with webcams, so we can still stay connected to our favourite animals – even if it’s just a ‘virtual’ visit. If this is something that gets your children inspired, go to LearningGrids and explore our Collections category where you’ll find At the Zoo with a range of zoo-themed activities.

There’s a complete family of resources, including sentence building, speaking and matching, based on a story about a group of children’s Day at the Zoo and the animals they saw and liked. Children can also use differentiated writing sets to write recounts about a visit to the zoo. Or get your children considering different viewpoints about animals in zoos – and writing a piece of persuasive text to share their own viewpoint.

 Zoo time 1

 Zoo time 2

Extracts from the Clicker Book A Day at the Zoo – Read a Book and the linked Sentence Set; and from Animals in Zoos – Viewpoints and the linked persuavive writing frame.

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