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New DocsPlus literature sets on LearningGrids

8th April 2020

We have recently published new DocsPlus sets for two popular literature texts – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and Holes by Louis Sachar.

There are a range of Wordbars for both texts, providing vocabulary to help your pupils complete their assignments. So, whether you are writing about Stanley Yelnats or Kissin' Kate Barlow, Jane Eyre or Mr Rochester (and many others too), there are word banks which offer vocabulary prompts and ideas to help your pupils as they write.

Tackle themes such as love and marriage, personal discovery, and gender in ‘Jane Eyre’; in ‘Holes’, write about Green Lake past and present. For both texts see the general A - Z Wordbars too.

Remember that you can have multiple Wordbars open at once (use the tabs along the bottom of the screen to move between them), giving pupils access to hundreds of words at a time.   

Visit LearningGrids for DocsPlus resources to support many other literature texts.

Jane Eyre - themes wordbar

Write about themes in ‘Jane Eyre’ – just one of the Worbars to support this classic text

Holes - characters wordbar

 Find words to help you to write about the characters in ‘Holes’

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