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Pauline Smith

Clicker and World Book Day

26th February 2020

With ‘World Book Day’ coming up, I wanted to direct you to some of the useful resources on LearningGrids that could help your pupils record their ideas in response to a text they have read. These resources will enhance your pupils’ love of reading while helping them to engage with and understand a variety of text types.

We have resources in our new Personal Response category to aid with text response skills. The Clicker Board Book Cover Detective is a flexible resource; it could be used to support a whole class discussion, a paired activity or be used by individuals. Children can insert key words or longer explanations into the blank cells. If you would like a child to verbally record their answers, they can click the Cell icon in the left toolbar and insert a Voice Note for each box. 

You can use the Board as it has been created or adapt the focus/subheadings by double-clicking within the cells and changing the text. You might prefer “Favourite Part”, “Genre”, “Plot” or “Problem” subheadings and use these to align to your lesson objectives.

Book cover detective

Another useful set is the Book Review Frame Word Bank, which supports learners by offering sentence starters and key vocabulary to help them to structure their review. 

Book review frame

Find these resources and more on LearningGrids.

Have fun being reading detectives!

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