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Joanne Gibbins

Critical thinking with Clicker

11th September 2019

Observing and thinking critically are key skills that children need to learn and develop. They need to be able to analyse and interpret information, building on what they already know. Observations and questions in science are a great way of practising and demonstrating this.

In the Clicker Set Creature Features – Tell Me Why, children are presented with a selection of animal images and asked to make critical observations and interpretations about the features of some of these animals – for example, why are claws, teeth or tails important – what are the different uses and why are these so important to the animals?

Children can record their responses using the microphone button, reasoning about the features shown in each of the animal scenarios. They can also use the linked word bank to write a response (any recorded response is also carried over to the word bank, acting as a prompt for the child if needed).

Creature Features 1

It’s a great way of getting children to stretch and apply their knowledge within a scientific context, as well as giving them the opportunity to develop skills that they can use throughout their education. Find this resource, and many more, on LearningGrids.

Creatures Features 2

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