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Tania Johnston

Summer Haiku

4th July 2018

Want to keep learners’ creative juices flowing over the long summer break? Check out the Clicker set Summer Haiku. This Word Bank provides 1, 2 and 3-syllable words to help support children’s poetic endeavours. In this short video, I demonstrate how the set can be easily personalised to fit an individual poet’s needs.

Give children ownership of the Word Bank by getting them to suggest words to add to the grids. You can simply Shift+click into any cell to replace a word. To add more words, go into Edit View and type a new word into the list. The new words will automatically appear in alphabetical order. You can also just Shift+click in the last cell on a grid and hit Tab to add a new cell for additional words.

Clicker 7 - Summer Haiku Set

Don’t forget to encourage children to use the painting tools or the picture bank to add an illustration or photo for their poem. And be sure to visit LearningGrids for many other summer resources and haiku sets.

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