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Joanne Gibbins

Speaking sets in Clicker

6th June 2018

Speaking is one of the four essential literacy skills (alongside listening, reading and writing) that help children to become well-rounded communicators – not just in school, it’s a hugely important life skill too! When it comes to oracy (skills related to talk and learning through talk), Clicker is a winner!

Talk is used across the curriculum in both fiction and non-fiction contexts – it’s how children effectively express their thoughts and ideas, explain processes and demonstrate their understanding. For example, children can use their speaking skills to describe the advantages and disadvantages of different types of weather with the set Weather Good and Bad.

Clicker - Weather Good and Bad resource

This set has been built with one sound recorder on each page, but the set can be easily changed to fit the needs of your pupils. For some children, perhaps less confident speakers, it may be more appropriate to provide two sound recorders so that they can talk about positive and negative aspects of weather separately for each picture. In Edit Mode, you can decide how many recordings to offer on each page. All the recordings from each page are transferred to the start page for their presentation.

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