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Back to school with Clicker

26th August 2020

In a recent post, we highlighted how teachers could use a Clicker Talk Set to support new arrivals at their school. Today we wanted to share some more ideas about how you can get to know your new class!

In addition to the Interview Me set that children can use to record a personal profile, they can also use the Clicker Board Set This Is Me to provide simple autobiographical information to use in an introductory presentation about themselves.  

 Custom Sets_777

The Myself Word Bank provides key vocabulary under the headings of Family, Home, School and Spare Time to help pupils write an introduction about themselves. For older writers, the Clicker Autobiography Set provides more a more extensive Word Bank to support their writing, including encouraging learners to think about what they might want to do in the future.    

 Myself and Autobiography_777

The start of a new school year is also a great time to set goals for the year ahead, and we have a variety of resources to help tackle this task. The Connect Set My Goals provides beginnings, middles and endings to create sentences about what pupils need to work on at school. The Word Bank Personal Goals supports more independent learners to write about their targets. The Custom Sets My Goals One, Two and Three provide different levels of support to help pupils of all abilities to record their personal goals and review their achievements.

You could also use the Our Classroom Rules to write a collaborative list of classroom rules for the year.

 Goals sets_777

Finally, for learners who are struggling with their new environment more than others, you can encourage them to write about how changes to their routines make them feel and what they can do to feel better with the When My Routine Changes resource.

 When My Routine Changes_777

We have lots of resources in the About Me section of LearningGrids for you and your pupils to get to know each other. If you have any interesting ways you have used Clicker with your new pupils, please share them with us– we’d love to see them!    

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