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Unlocking writing talent with Clicker

10th July 2019

I’m excited to share this video of an inspirational young lady using Clicker to write about Anne Sullivan, who she recently portrayed in her drama class. We created the Clicker Sentences set together, cutting and pasting from the internet, and included a “pop-up” button to help with formulation of lengthy sentences. In this video, she is using an adapted mouse to navigate the screen and selecting with a light finger touch on a “candy corn” switch.

She is reading aloud as she creates her sentences, and when she comes across a word that is unfamiliar to her, she stops and asks what it means. A wonderful way to develop vocabulary, sentence formulation skills and sight word recognition. The final product was a four-paragraph essay. So proud of this young lady!

Betsy Caporale is a Speech Language Pathologist, AAC/AT Specialist and the owner of Augmentative Communication Solutions. She has been working with individuals who require AAC and AT for over 25 years.

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