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Learning times tables with Clicker

26th June 2019

Learning times tables is a key numeracy skill for students as it helps develop mental recall and enables learners to solve real life maths problems. We’ve recently published some fantastic Clicker Sets to support and encourage children with this important skill. This selection of Custom Sets goes through the times tables from 2 to 12, allowing learners to practise and consolidate their multiplication knowledge.

Students can work independently through each of the pages. Starting with the overview page where they can listen to each of the multiplication facts, students then move to the activity page where they can select an answer to each fact and receive immediate feedback of “Well Done” or “Try Again”. Finally, the summary page provides an opportunity to practise the entire times table. These are great for both independent work and as short numeracy starter activities for the entire class.

We can also make these activities accessible for eye gaze and switch access users. Simply set your access method in the options tab and work through the activity.

Want to challenge your students even further? Download one of our ‘Times Table Practice’ Connect Sets to consolidate their multiplication recall skills through increasing levels of difficulty. 

 Consolidate times table knowledge

With the new multiplication tables check being introduced in England in 2020 for Year 4 children, these Clicker Sets are a fantastic way to build maths skills and confidence for all children. Why not try them today?

You can find the full range of times table practice activities in LearningGrids.

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