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Alex Willcox

Clicker in the Caribbean

17th December 2018

The Dunnottar School and Vocational Centre in Castries caters for over one-hundred students with special educational needs. For the past six years, Kate McKay has been volunteering a month at a time at the school as well as helping to raise funds for them. In a first for the Caribbean, Kate introduced Clicker to their classroom and it has made an immense difference to the students’ writing and self-esteem:

“The unit I was working with this year (Dunnottar Multi Disabled Centre, DMDC) is a relatively new unit for Dunnottar, and ever since I visited it two years ago, I just knew that Clicker was needed for the students there. 

I set up a Clicker Set very quickly, then using switch access, had a child working independently on an exercise after just two minutes, high-fiving me each time he succeeded, and having his self-esteem go through the roof!

Talking books were a huge hit with all. The parents and students had created simple story books of their summer vacations, along with photographs. I created a talking book for each student, then using a projector and the switch access, we invited other staff to come along and watch and listen to their students tell their own stories. It was a huge success, and new ideas for using the talking books facility just flowed from the staff.

Clicker 7 has changed the way these children will learn and the way the teachers will teach.”

Read this wonderful success story in full here.

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