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Clicker 7 Arabic in the United Arab Emirates

7th November 2018

Earlier this year we announced the release of a full Arabic translation of our award-winning literacy software - Clicker 7. This unique Arabic literacy tool is set to transform teaching and learning across the Middle East and throughout North Africa.

Last month I visited international schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to demonstrate Clicker 7 Arabic. Lots of schools were excited to see this new development, and I spent a busy week showing Clicker to 18 schools!

Oracy development is critical to building reading and writing confidence; the Arabic teachers loved the fact they can create speaking and listening activities (Talk Sets) in Clicker really quickly and easily.

Best of all, teachers can record themselves speaking words and phrases, and then pupils can listen to these, allowing them to emulate the precise nuances of the pronunciation. This also allows Clicker to be used across the Arabic-speaking world, irrespective of regional variations.

Screenshot from Clicker 7 Arabic

Clicker is a speech-supported word processor; the auditory feedback helps learners to spot errors and omissions in their writing. The intelligent prediction tool also assists emergent writers in finding the next word in a sentence and supports accurate spelling.

Arabic word prediction shown in the word processor us

All the teachers who saw Clicker loved the ability to support early writers with the range of Clicker Sets. For example, here is a Sentence Set that helps the learner to write a paragraph of text:

Screenshot of Clicker 7 Arabic

I will be visiting the Middle East several times this academic year – please email me on if you’d like any more information, or would like to see Clicker 7 Arabic in action!

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