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Exam success with DocsPlus - Al Bateen Academy

31st October 2018

Recently, we spoke to Rachel Hinds, Head of Inclusion at Al Bateen Academy in Abu Dhabi. When she moved from teaching primary to teaching secondary, Rachel was looking for a more ‘grown up’ version of Clicker to support students with special needs and provide more affordable exam access arrangements.

This year, her students used DocsPlus for their exams, and Rachel was over the moon with the experience!

“I went on a DocsPlus training session and I was blown away when Phil demonstrated Exam Mode – that was a real wow moment.

I used to be a reader for students doing A-Level exams and I found that often students would be too embarrassed to ask you to repeat something, because they felt too self-conscious. That whole element has been eradicated with DocsPlus, and I just love it! With the number of students we have requiring access arrangements, and the number of exams that they’ve done, I estimate that we would’ve had to pay about AED 29000 (£6000) this year alone to cover the cost of readers and scribes! So not only is DocsPlus a massive saving financially, it’s a huge save on human resources. But more than that, it gives those students the independence to know they’re fully in control - there’s no one listening; they’re not embarrassed to keep listening back. I am massively sold on it!”

Read this fantastic success story in full here.

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