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3 literacy lesson ideas to celebrate Roald Dahl day!

5th September 2018

13th September is Roald Dahl day! Roald Dahl was born in 1916 and during his lifetime was a spy, a fighter pilot and an inventor. His children’s stories have been published in almost 60 languages and sold over 250 million copies.

Do you have plans for your literacy sessions based around some of his books? Here are three ideas of how you could use Clicker to celebrate Roald Dahl day.

1. Clicker Board – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Clicker Board - Roald Dahl (new)

You can create Clicker Boards with your class to recount or predict parts of the story. Adding pictures can help children make connections to what they have read.

2. Word Bank – The Enormous Crocodile

Word Bank - Roald Dahl (new)

Did you know you can then turn your Clicker Board into a Word or Picture Bank to support their writing? Word Banks are a great way of encouraging independent writing by helping learners incorporate more difficult words. You can also add pictures to the word cells.

3. Talk Set - Fantastic Mr Fox

Talk Set - Roald Dahl (new)

Talk About activities are an ideal opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills. Children can listen to the character names and then either record their thoughts to describe the character’s part in the story, or take on their role and explain their perspective of events.

If you'd like to learn more about creating Clicker Sets, have a look at our 90-second training videos here.

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