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Jordan Butel

Structure strips

30th May 2018

Recently, while training a school on DocsPlus, the teachers and I were discussing strategies for supporting learners on the structure of their writing - as well as the content.

The school had begun to implement structure strips, which offer learners an on-screen structure support for their writing.

However, with many of their learners having reading difficulties, they wanted to find a more accessible way of recreating the structure support. Fortunately, DocsPlus offers exactly this.

Firstly, we used the Voice Notes tool to provide verbal prompts for the learner. The teacher would record sound clips of some key ideas and concepts for the student to listen to whilst they were completing their writing.

Secondly, we created a Wordbar with the necessary support in a way that the student could access. The student could listen to, read and use the content in their writing. The Wordbars were then easy to print or share across the school.

Structure support Wordbars

The students were excited to have the opportunity to pick the way in which they were best supported. If you’d like to find out more about DocsPlus or arrange some training, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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