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Lina Howarth

Personal data and Crick Software products

23rd May 2018

Over the past few weeks we have had numerous letters and emails from schools asking about our GDPR compliance. Our internal processes are documented and in place and our staff have been trained in readiness for the implementation of the regulations.

Many of these requests on compliance have been specifically focussed on the data used and saved by our software. Our software and apps do not hold, process or transfer personal data so in this respect, we are not a data processor as defined in the GDPR guidelines.  There is some necessary data that we hold for Chromebook users, but this is not enough to uniquely identify individuals.

Windows/Mac software

We do not collect data in any of our products. Our applications are installed onto client computers and users’ work is saved locally, except in the case of network installation where it is saved to a shared folder on your server. You will specify the shared folder during the installation process.

iPad apps

The iPad apps are purchased via the Apple app store and all information about who the app belongs to is linked to your Apple ID and is held by Apple. Our apps do not collect or share information. 

Chromebook apps

The Chromebook apps use your Google ID and Google domain to install. We collect your Google email address as your unique identifier. This address is used to determine the status of your current license.

The only student information that we store is the student’s email address and basic profile info. This is required to confirm that they are a licensed user. See the Chromebook privacy policy for more information:

If you’d like to know more, you can read our privacy policy here:

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