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Numeracy in Clicker

20th March 2018

While running a Regional Training Day recently, teachers on the course explained to me that some of their pupils struggle to access work in Maths lessons and are easily disengaged from the class. We started discussing how Clicker can be used to support numeracy, as well as literacy.

We had a look at the range of numeracy activities available for Clicker on LearningGrids, many based around addition and subtraction, and even Roman numerals. These are supported by colourful images which teachers felt were a great additional level of support for children.

Our bank of numeracy resources has recently been added to, with some great new activities to develop numeracy skills further. A fantastic example of these are the Target Numbers activities.

There are eight Target Numbers Sets available, to vary the level of challenge. In the activity, pupils have a target number which they make using the numbers and symbols provided.

These resources are a brilliant way to give children the opportunity to experiment with basic numeracy. They can also be easily edited to challenge children with higher numbers and new symbols.

Clicker - Target Numbers Set

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