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Four exciting features of our new website!

23rd February 2018

You may have noticed that in January we launched a brand-new website. Many months of hard work have resulted in a faster, more responsive and intuitive site. Here’s what’s new:

  1. The training hub

    You can now easily access an extensive range of training materials for all our products. We’ve developed a great new layout for the 90-second training videos and PDFs too, making it really straight forward to find exactly what you need help with!

  2. On demand training webinars

    One of the best parts of the training hub is that we have now published recorded webinars to the website, meaning you can access these and watch them whenever you wish! We still host regular live webinars for Clicker and DocsPlus, however if you cannot attend these then you needn't worry. Simply navigate to the product you'd like to learn about, and begin your training.

  3. Visit us on your phone too!

    A fantastic new feature of our website is that it will now work on mobile phones and tablets. The site can now resize the website pages to fit smaller screens, meaning you can access on whichever device you have to hand and easily navigate around the site.

  4. Changes to the support section

    There is a huge number of support articles available on our new website, split into two sections - ‘How do I?’ and ‘I have a problem’ to help identify what you need support with. Additionally, you can now search the support section with keywords to quickly track down solutions.

We’re very proud of the website and are excited for you all to see it. If you’ve had a chance to have a browse through, we’d love to hear any thoughts you have. Please drop us an email on with your comments!

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