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How can I share my DocsPlus files?

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Error: "No Printers could be found" on Windows / Mac

When trying to print, you receive the following error message (even though printers are installed and usable in other programs):
No Printers could be found.


This may happen if a printer management service is used to control printing on your network.

Try printing in another program (or just connect to the printer without printing anything). This may trigger the printer management service to enable printing in Clicker / DocsPlus.

If unsuccessful, choose a virtual PDF printer. This will save the printout as a PDF file instead of actually printing it. You can then open the PDF in another program (e.g. a PDF reader or web browser) and print from there.

Windows 10 comes with a Microsoft Print to PDF printer installed by default. Alternatively, others are available as a free download (e.g. CutePDF).

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