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Making a full recovery

August 28, 2019

Imagine that your students have spent a long time writing up a document on their computer.

But something happens that no-one could plan for. The laptop’s battery runs out sooner than it indicated, a program crashes, or Windows decides to force an update. The end result: the document is lost forever!

I’d like to share an interaction with a customer who was in this situation recently.

Susan, a teacher from Kent, called in with a very urgent inquiry. Her students were using DocsPlus in their exams. They had taken one of the exams a few days ago and the finished documents were collected on a USB flash drive as normal. Unfortunately, this had gone missing! Despite looking everywhere, they couldn’t find it. Could we help?

Yes, we could! I explained that DocsPlus includes a backup feature to prevent anyone from losing more than a minute’s worth of work. I directed her to these straightforward instructions on how to manually retrieve the backup on each computer.

The next day, she emailed to let us know that all files had been recovered successfully!

If you ever have any questions or issues concerning DocsPlus, Clicker, or our apps, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can phone, email, or fill out a short form to get in touch.

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