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New Support section

March 14, 2018

After several months of planning and hard work, we have now published our newly developed website! Not content with just applying a new coat of paint, we designed and built our new website from the ground up to better reflect our product structure, to improve navigation, and to streamline content so that the right information is available in all the right places!

In particular, the Support section has been significantly redesigned to provide a better experience. It’s now much easier to choose the product you’re interested in and find the correct information about it.

When browsing Support, the following categories are now available:

  • How do I?
    These articles provide answers to common questions and guide you through performing various tasks. You may discover new things to try that you didn’t know were possible!
  • I have a problem
    These articles provide solutions to known technical problems. Despite best efforts, the complexity of technology means that things can go wrong from time to time. If you encounter an error message, or a feature doesn’t seem to be working, be sure to check here first!
  • Downloads
    An area for downloading installers and additional content (e.g. additional voices).
  • Documentation
    Downloadable, printable copies of the product User Guides and installation instructions, along with handy guides for certain features (e.g. setting up switch access).
  • Training
    A convenient link to the Training section of our website, which offers free training materials and information about arranging in-house training.

Every article has been meticulously written to be as clear and understandable as possible.  Like the rest of our website, content now dynamically resizes to your device’s screen, making it as comfortable to navigate on your smartphone or tablet as it is on a desktop computer.

We hope you enjoy our new website and that you find the Support section helpful when looking for answers to your inquiries!

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