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Apple releases iOS 11

October 11, 2017

Every September, Apple releases a major upgrade to the iOS software that runs on iPhones and iPads across the world.

This year, they’ve given us iOS 11, which includes many exciting new features and big changes that affect the way users interact with their devices.

Key highlights include:

  • A new Dock that provides quick access to favorite and recent apps.
  • A new Files app that organizes all files from your apps and cloud services.
  • A redesigned Control Center that makes adjusting common settings like volume and Bluetooth even easier, and you can now choose which controls are shown.
  • A redesigned App Store that makes it easier to discover new apps.
  • New Augmented Reality technologies that allow apps to display content on top of real-world scenes.
  • The ability to easily share your WiFi passwords with friends.

Amidst all the excitement, many websites and news articles are reporting that iOS 11 is the first release to drop 32-bit support, leaving it unable to run approximately 187,000 apps (about 8% of the App Store). Understandably, this has caused some concern among users.

Fortunately, the truth of the matter is less worrying. These are old apps that have been abandoned by their developers and not updated for several years. Yet despite this, some are still in popular use! Users of these apps will be forced to seek out newer alternatives.

Rest assured, our Clicker Apps have been 64-bit for several years now, so they are unaffected by this change.

In fact, over the last few months, we’ve been rigorously testing all of our Clicker Apps in developer preview versions of iOS 11. As a result, we’re proud to announce that every Clicker App was compatible with iOS 11 at launch!

For guidance about upgrading your device to iOS 11, please consult this Apple support article:

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