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Pauline Smith

Debates and discussions with Clicker

June 15, 2022

Engaging students in topical debates and discussions is a great way to build their confidence and skills in speaking and writing. We have many Clicker Boards (planners) and related Word Banks (frames) to support the planning and writing of an argument or discussion text.

Are you debating the construction of a building on wasteland or other environmental issues? Our Persuasion Planner can be used with a class, group, or individual to identify the main reasons and evidence that support their point of view. Students can then use the Persuasion Frame to write their persuasive text. Topic-related vocabulary can be added to the final tab to offer more specific terminology if needed - what a great way to prepare for a class debate!

Debates and discussions with Clicker-1

When asking students to voice their opinions around a scenario or question, they are often very keen to give an immediate response. However, by using our Discussion Planner, you can promote the construction of a more reasoned, evidence-based answer. Students list the key “for” and “against” arguments related to a question or issue and then create a conclusion. To help students write a balanced argument or discussion text, use the related Discussion Frame.

Debates and discussions with Clicker-2

Find these resources and many more planners and related writing frames in Planners and Frames on LearningGrids. Have fun preparing for and carrying out your class discussions!

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