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Exploring the moon with Clicker

May 11, 2022

Have you had a chance to look at all the Clicker resources on LearningGrids about the moon?

With the Phases of the Moon sets, students can read, write, and talk about the main phases of the lunar cycle. The Clicker Board can be used as an introductory activity or as a way for students to demonstrate their understanding at the end of the topic. Students could even create a moon journal – Clicker’s painting tools are perfect for illustrating the different phases of the moon.

US-Exploring the moon 1

There is also a great group of Clicker resources to help students learn about the Apollo 11 moon landing. These Moon Landing sets include a comprehensive Clicker Book covering the events and the people involved, as well as a simplified Read It Yourself version. A range of writing activities, such as the Connect set, allow students to write about the mission to the moon and its historical significance.

US-Exploring the moon 2

For early readers and writers, the recent Day and Night sets help them think about differences between daytime and nighttime activities and events – and the changes in the sky. The Talk Set gives all students, including struggling writers, the opportunity to record their thoughts on the topic.

US-Exploring the moon 3

Visit LearningGrids for other resources about the solar system or changes at night.

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