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Let’s learn about money with Clicker!

September 8, 2021

Visit our Money category on LearningGrids to find a variety of resources that support students’ understanding of basic money concepts. We have resources for naming and recognizing the values of coins, as well as counting and creating combinations of coins to match different totals.

Our U.S. Coins – Read a Book Clicker Book offers students clear graphics and simple text that reinforces the names of coins up to the value of a dollar. The related Talk, Sentence, Matching, and Custom Sets encourage children to recognize the values of the coins.

US lets learn about money with Clicker 1

For problem solving and recording addition calculations with money, use the differentiated Money Targets Connect Sets. Students select from different coins, an addition and equals symbol, and the target number to create money calculations. These resources can also be printed and used as a table top activity.

US lets learn about money with Clicker 2

There are also similar resources that focus on Canadian coins.

US lets learn about money with Clicker 3

Browse through our Place Value and Counting categories on LearningGrids for more valuable math resources.

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