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Pauline Smith

Florence Nightingale

May 10, 2021

May 12th is International Nurses Day - a great time to value nurses of today and celebrate pioneering nurses from the past. We have recently published some differentiated Florence Nightingale sets that are a fantastic resource for supporting students to read, write, and talk about this famous nurse and how she improved hospital conditions and developed training for nurses around the world.

The Clicker Book Florence Nightingale – Read a Book offers a great starting point for learning about Florence Nightingale’s life. The chronological text and illustrations provide information about her early life, her experiences during the Crimean War, and how she influenced changes in the hospitals and healthcare around the world.

 Florence Nightingale - Clicker Book

To develop students’ discussion and observation skills, use the Scutari Hospital – Before and After Clicker Board. The first detailed picture is a representation of the hospital when Florence arrived in Scutari. Use this to note the poor conditions and reasons why wounded soldiers were not getting better. Extra cells can be added if required. The second picture represents the improved hospital - explain how Florence influenced the changes in hygiene and patient care. When the Boards are complete, they can be exported as a Word Bank and students can use this to support their follow-up writing. Students could write a letter from Florence explaining the poor conditions and how she aimed to improve them or a before and after comparison of the hospital.

 Florence Nightingale (Scutari Hospital) - Clicker Board

Take a look at the other new sets we have in the Florence Nightingale category and visit on LearningGrids for other Clicker sets about significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements.

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