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Developing literacy skills with traditional tales

April 28, 2021

As many of you already know, using traditional tales as a starting point for learning is a fantastic way to engage children of all ages. Below I have highlighted a few of our recently published sets based on the Norwegian folktale the Billy Goats Gruff.

Introduce your learners to the story with the Clicker Book The Billy Goats Gruff – Read a Book. The text follows the classic fairy tale structure with repetitive phrases and alliteration. It is a great resource for encouraging discussion about the story elements and inspiring children to become storytellers.

Billy Goats Gruff 1

We have also created lots of activities to help your students jump into the story, empathize with the characters, and develop their comprehension skills. Children can retell the story with the Talk Set, answer questions with Can You Remember, and take on the role of different characters with Character Talk.

Billy Goats Gruff 2

The Billy Goats Gruff Sentence Set offers a simplified version of the book text and allows emergent or reluctant writers to practice their sentence skills – watch their faces beam with pride when they have written the whole story! The Connect Set also helps students write the story using their own, more detailed sentences.

Billy Goats Gruff 3

You’ll find other activities designed to enhance literacy learning in the Billy Goats Gruff category on LearningGrids. Our Story Corner is a growing collection of story books and related Clicker Sets - look out for more resources coming soon!

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