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Learning about healthy lifestyles with Clicker

February 25, 2021

At the start of a new year, many of us look for ways to lead healthier lives and we often encourage children to do the same. There are a variety of resources on LearningGrids to encourage children to talk, read, and write about the importance of making healthy choices.

Our Staying Healthy – Read a Book is a great resource for introducing the importance of good hygiene, sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. The related Talk, Make a Book,  Connect, Sentence, and Word Bank sets enable students to record their understanding of how to lead healthy lives. We have also recently published Washing Hands – Read a Book with linked resources to support children in writing about another way to help keep themselves and others healthy.

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Brushing My Teeth – Read a Book focuses on good dental hygiene. The Clicker Book is supported by Sentence and Connect sets so that children can write about a simple tooth brushing routine. Older children can read about the location and function of different types of teeth in the Find Out About Teeth Custom Set. Search for teeth on LearningGrids for more related resources.

 healthy lifestyles 2

Our Human Body 1/2/3 differentiated Find Out and Write About activities encourage children to read and write about how other parts of the body work. For more independent writers, there are also Word Banks such as Human Health and Development to support writing about healthy growth and development.

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Use the Exercise and Pulse Rates Talk Set for an active way to investigate the effects of exercise on the body. Students talk about the different exercises and predict what changes might happen to the body after the exercise, and then they record the pulse rate and body changes that actually happen. The Pulse Rate Investigation Word Bank supports learners in writing up the investigation and their findings.

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There are also a lot of resources on LearningGrids that focus on food and healthy eating, such as the Food Groups and Food A - Z Word Banks. For an engaging way to encourage children to explore the impact of unhealthy snacks and whether they should be allowed in schools, read the Clicker Book Junk Food – Viewpoints. Students explore the different viewpoints on the Junk Food - For or Against Clicker Board. Their completed mind map, along with the Junk Food – Persuasive Writing Word Bank, can be used to plan a speech or to structure a piece of persuasive writing.

 healthy lifestyles 5

As you know, a healthy lifestyle also includes a focus on emotional wellness. We have many resources in the Social & Emotional Learning category to encourage children to be aware of their feelings and to talk or write about them. Browse the Our Bodies or Staying Healthy categories on LearningGrids for many more resources available to support learning about being healthy.

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