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Pauline Smith

Improving place value knowledge

May 20, 2020

We have some new Clicker Sets on LearningGrids to help children recognize the place value of numbers. These sets use pictorial representations of base ten rods which many children will be familiar with. Start by reading the Clicker Book Tens – Read a Book, and then use the follow-up resources to match images with numbers and write number sentences with a focus on multiples of ten.

Moving on, you may want to use the Tens and Ones sets, which help children to understand partitioning of numbers – breaking two-digit numbers up into amounts of tens and ones. The Clicker Book Tens and Ones – Read a Book will help to reinforce the concept.

 tens and ones

With many further supportive activities on LearningGrids, including matching pictorial amounts to number values, creating number sentences, and talking about tens and ones pictures and the numbers they represent, you’re sure to find something to match your children’s abilities. Just search for tens or tens and ones to find these resources and more.

Have fun counting!

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