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Tania Johnston

LearningGrids & Clicker

May 6, 2020

Did you know that when you use Clicker, you have access to hundreds of free ready-made resources on our LearningGrids site? The Clicker Sets on LearningGrids make it easy for you to support children with reading, writing, speaking, and listening across a variety of curriculum areas and topics. We have recently created a video to help you navigate LearningGrids.

The video focuses on writing support sets – Sentences, Connect, and Word Banks, but don’t forget that there are many other types of Clicker activities on LearningGrids as well. There are Clicker Books – great for reading practice, Clicker Boards – perfect for story planning and mind mapping, Talk Sets – a powerful tool for developing speaking skills and demonstrating subject knowledge, and Matching Sets – ideal for your early learners.

 LearningGrids and Clicker

We regularly update our bank of LearningGrids resources. Keep an eye out for new additions – we’re sure you’ll find something for all your learner’s needs.

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