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Turn a Clicker Board into a Word Bank!

November 22, 2023

Recently, we spoke with a teacher who said that one of their favourite features of Clicker is that you can quickly turn a Clicker Board into a Word Bank!

Students can contribute their ideas to a whole-class discussion on a topic, and the teacher can collate the ideas using Clicker Board on the whiteboard. The Board can then be turned into a Word Bank and shared with students to use to support their independent writing.

This allows students to transition seamlessly from planning a piece of writing to producing their writing using a wide range of vocabulary.

Turn a Clicker Board into a Word Bank-1

Turn a Clicker Board into a Word Bank-2

With this vocabulary available in a Word Bank, learners can easily add words to a piece of writing and use Clicker’s built-in speech support to hear any words read aloud. They will also have access to all of Clicker’s support tools throughout their writing.

Clicker is a flexible tool, so you can create mind-maps related to anything that suits the needs of your learners. For example, you may want to collate sentence starters, character descriptions, or key vocabulary linked to a topic you are studying in class.

Watch our video to find out how you can turn your Clicker Board into a Word Bank!

There are hundreds of ready-made Clicker Boards available on LearningGrids, or you can create your own!

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