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Siobhan Butel

Learning Pathways Academy Trust – Clicker Success Stories

November 1, 2023

Before the end of the academic year, we spoke with Helen Pearce and Gabrielle Deed from the Learning Pathways Academy Trust in the UK to hear how Clicker has impacted their teaching and learning.

As Special Education Coordinator and Head of Inclusion at their respective schools, both had a key interest in Clicker’s ability to support a wide range of needs and remove barriers to learning. Gabrielle’s school, Lyons Hall, was focusing on using Clicker as a writing tool for younger children, and Helen’s school, White Hall, was utilizing Clicker’s tools to support students with speech and language needs.

Both schools found great success using Clicker to support their focus groups and have identified countless positives when using the software.


“…the versatility, the user-friendly tools, the way it empowers our children to achieve success in their writing, the confidence boost Clicker gives them… it’s hard to pick just one!”


“Clicker is just so different from anything else out there. For what you get in Clicker – you might be able to find other products that enable you to do certain aspects, like the talking books or recording activities, but with Clicker, everything’s there all in one place, all child-friendly and accessible – that is just amazing.”

They were also amazed by Clicker’s bank of ready-made resources, LearningGrids, and the different levels of scaffolding they provide.


“[it’s] one tool that can support children with many different literacy difficulties across the school.”


“There’s support and resources for History, for Geography, for Science… Clicker’s not just for English or Literacy, it’s for everything.”

Both Gabrielle and Helen have had stand-out successes that they shared with us, where Clicker has significantly helped the progress of students, including:

  • A student who struggled to share their fantastic knowledge due to writing and reading challenges
  • A 4th grader with significant speech difficulties
  • Children who needed to regain ownership of the writing process

You can read all about their progress in detail on our website - Learning Pathways Academy Trust - Clicker success story.

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