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Summer story share

September 28, 2022

We are delighted to share some lovely entries from our Summer Story Share competition!

The whole team have thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories that have been sent in, and we were blown away by the imagination, attention to detail, and enthusiasm shown in all of them. Thank you to everyone who entered!   

Let’s take a look at some of the sensational stories you’ve been working on over the summer:

Athena, age 8: The Forest Cat

summer story share 1

Athena’s story grabbed our attention from the very first page and we were instantly hooked into whether Katy would get to go to the forest or not with her friend Ginger. We were impressed by Athena’s huge plot twist and were all wondering what would happen next! Thankfully, Athena’s wonderfully detailed writing led us to the resolution. The final cliff hanger was an excellent touch. Well done, Athena.

Franky, age 9: Jeffery Nibbles and the Secret Garden!!

summer story share 2

Franky’s title instantly made us smile – the name Jeffery Nibbles is original and captivating, so we were desperate to find out what he got up to. The Curriculum Team was impressed by Franky’s use of images throughout his story – including inserting photographs and using Clicker Paint and the Crick picture library! We had some lovely feedback from Franky’s mom. She shared that Franky really enjoyed creating his Summer Story and his writing confidence has blossomed, ready for his return to school. He feels incredibly proud of what he’s created, and we do too! Well done, Franky.

Jacob, age 7: George and the Wizard School

summer story share 3

Jacob has written a well-structured story and has features that show he is a wonderful author! We loved Jacob’s use of fronted adverbials to start his sentences and to add some variety and interest to his work. It made his writing enjoyable and easy to read! Jacob did an excellent job of keeping us on our toes and we thought he wrote a great ending for the mischievous goblin by leaving it in a jar at the top of a castle tower in the form of a toad! Well done, Jacob.

Marieanne, age 9: If I Could Go Anywhere

summer story share 4

Marieanne has masterfully combined fiction with nonfiction in her story If I Could Go Anywhere. We were amazed by her knowledge of India and how she weaved it into a detailed narrative. Our Curriculum Team enjoyed the story’s fairy tale atmosphere and that Marieanne included an enticing blurb to set the scene! A great job, Marieanne - well done.

We will be emailing the schools that have won our gift card prize drawing over the next couple of weeks - many thanks to everyone who entered!

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