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Customer care meeting spotlight

July 13, 2022

Customer care meetings are a fantastic opportunity for Clicker and DocsPlus users to get expert advice during their subscription period. They are short consultations (just 15 minutes) where we can answer any questions you have and share useful training materials, free resources, and top tips to help you get the most out of the software.

You can schedule a free customer care meeting whenever you need one via the Training area of our website.

All our customers are invited to schedule a customer care meeting in the first month of their subscription to discuss implementation. In a recent example, a school had purchased the previous month and their IT team had just finished getting Clicker set up. They’d had a free demonstration with one of our consultants when they first started looking into Clicker, but they couldn’t remember how to make use of some of the key features. In our customer care meeting, we revisited Clicker’s core support tools, and I pointed them to all the great training resources we have on our website to refer to during their subscription. We also discussed strategies for embedding Clicker use throughout the school. To schedule a “Getting Started” customer care meeting for your school, click here.

We also encourage you to schedule a customer care meeting after each year of your subscription. This is a great chance to talk about any changes to your needs or priorities that Clicker could help with. I met with a school this week who were entering the second year of their Clicker subscription. They were really pleased with how they had been using it to support one of their learners but wanted to offer her more challenge this year to develop her writing further. We discussed the Clicker Sets they had been using so far and looked at some examples of activities they could try moving her on to. You can schedule a “Yearly Check-in” customer care meeting for your school here.

Sometimes customers schedule a meeting because they have a “how do I…?” question or a new focus they’d like to explore. A school I spoke to last week had recently invested in Chromebooks for their students. They knew they had access to the DocsPlus app and were excited to use it but realized they weren’t sure how to share work between teacher laptops and student Chromebooks. We arranged a meeting to discuss cloud storage and how this could be set up so that the saving and sharing process was as seamless as possible. To schedule a ‘”How Do I…?” customer care meeting for your school, click here.

We’re so pleased to be able to offer this level of individualized support throughout your subscription. This service is available to all our customers, for both Clicker and DocsPlus. So just remember, if you ever need any help or advice, our consultants are always on hand to assist you – simply open our customer care meeting calendar and reserve whichever date and time works best for you.

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