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Clicker Books has arrived

May 3, 2022
 “We’re using the pre-made Clicker Books to introduce topics on a one-to-one basis. In the new academic year, we plan to use them on the interactive whiteboard for whole class work. I’m really amazed by how much there is in LearningGrids – the scope and variety of resources is incredible.”
- Anita Clarke, Special Education Coordinator at Cringleford Primary

Here at Crick, we’ve all been working hard to get ready for the launch of Clicker Books for iPad and Chromebook. Now that it’s here with beautiful illustrations and a huge range of resources, I can’t wait to share what’s in store for you and your learners.

Clicker Books makes lesson content more accessible and engaging for children of all abilities. Watch your students’ reading confidence and topic comprehension grow as our talking books bring the elementary curriculum to life. Alongside Clicker 8 and Clicker Writer, this latest addition to the Clicker Apps family is available to everyone who has a current Clicker subscription.

New app, new resources

As many of our staff members have worked in education, we understand how short on time teachers are. That’s why our new app comes with hundreds of age-appropriate books available for immediate use.

Clicker Books launch-1

Whether you’re looking for timeless tales like Jack and the Beanstalk or nonfiction resources to introduce the stages of the water cycle, our LearningGrids portal gives access to an extensive collection of creative stories and curriculum-based books.

Plus, our wonderful curriculum team will be adding exciting new titles regularly.

Build independence in your readers

Clicker Books launch-2

Clicker Books offers the fundamental reading support that we love on the PC version of Clicker. Features like speech feedback and word highlighting provide instant visual and aural reinforcement, which is so powerful for early or struggling readers.

One of our most important aims for Clicker Books is to boost confidence in our users, so we have included a simplified “Read It Yourself” version with many of our book sets. Specifically created to encourage children to access the content unassisted, these resources help students explore words they’re unsure of independently and build a greater sense of personal achievement.

Helping readers become writers

Clicker Books launch-3

As your students grow in confidence, Clicker Books also provides a creative way to show how much they’ve learned.

Unleash your children’s artistic flair by helping them write their own stories using our “Make a Book” sets. With customizable writing support and the ability to add their own photos, drawings, and videos, creating a book that’s theirs will get even the most reluctant of writers excited about literacy again.

Take Clicker Books anywhere

Of course, no application would be complete without the ability to seamlessly transfer from device to device and continue where you left off. For those with a Clicker Site License, students can continue work at home on their own devices too.

Free access for current subscribers

Clicker Books launch-4

We’re excited to welcome Clicker Books to the Clicker Apps family and can’t wait to update you on some other new additions we have planned for later this year.

Clicker Books is completely free to access for our Clicker 8/Clicker Writer subscribers - these easy-to-follow support guides will help you get started.

Clicker Books for iPad
Clicker Books for Chromebook

Don’t have Clicker?

If your school doesn’t have a Clicker subscription and is interested in finding out how it can benefit you and your students, we offer free 15-minute consultations where we’ll discuss your needs and how Clicker can help.

Contact us here and a member of our team will be in touch to find a time that works best for you.

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