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Siobhan Butel

Sunny Bank Primary School – a success story

March 9, 2022

We recently received a wonderful Clicker success story from Marianne Baird who is the Assistant Principal and Special Education Coordinator at Sunny Bank Primary School in the UK.


She decided to invest in Clicker after hearing how successful it’s been for students in other schools.

Sunny Bank uses Clicker in lots of innovative ways to help their learners with special educational needs, and Marianne wanted to share with us the transformative results, including a big boost in confidence, improvements in social and emotional wellbeing, and major barriers to writing being broken down.

“The word banks are definitely one of our favorite features of Clicker. We like that we can provide students with access to higher level vocabulary that’s perhaps out of their normal skill set. We’re also trying to broaden the kind of activities learners are exposed to with Clicker. For example, we use the different Clicker Sets for sentence openers and closing activities, and for students needing to develop early literacy skills, we look at phonemes and graphemes to help them with the middle and end sounds in words.

US sunny bank success story 1

One of our 5th grade students has really benefitted from Clicker. They have some social and emotional difficulties, particularly linked to remote learning, and we found that when this student returned to school, they were quite often leaving the classroom – and writing was a trigger for it.

We discovered they had lost a lot of confidence because they hadn’t practiced their handwriting and even their writing stamina had decreased, but once they started using Clicker, they started to see themselves as a writer again.

This student went from refusing to write to re-engaging with the curriculum, producing five or six sentences during their lessons, and showing a great deal of pride in their work because they had that alternative method to record their ideas with Clicker.

For me, the best thing about Clicker is that it boosts students’ confidence and allows them to see themselves as writers.”

To read the full story, click here.

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