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Clicker Community May 2021 roundup

May 26, 2021

We’ve been fortunate enough to see some amazing examples of children achieving writing success with Clicker over the past few months. Here are just a few of our favorites.

We received a lovely Clicker 8 story from Karin Crimmins on Twitter. It’s always great to see the difference Clicker can make for a child and their writing output. Thank you, Karin!

Clicker Community 1 - Karin Crimmins

Emilie tagged us on Twitter to tell us about one of her student’s incredible progress. Using Clicker 8, the child was able to create a Connect Set by himself and read the sentences back to her. An amazing development from a formerly non-verbal child!

Clicker Community 2 - Emilie

A challenge for many children during the early stages of their writing development is sentence formation; thinking of the words they want to say and getting them in the right order. At Waterfield Primary School, their kindergarten students worked hard to fix ‘muddled up’ sentences with Clicker Writer. Muddle today – composition tomorrow!

Clicker Community 3 - Waterfield

We love seeing the updates from Ollie and Cameron. Earlier this year, their mom posted a short video of some the work they had been doing during lockdown, including writing about the life of frogs with Clicker. Great work as always, guys!

Clicker Community 4 - Ollie and Cam

If you have any Clicker successes you want to share with us, be sure to tag us @Cricksoft on Twitter and Facebook – we love seeing them all!

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